My Unexpected Love Affair with Blogging

That capricious Muse of Creativity shows up at the darndest times. I was riding around the Alameda County Fair in a golf cart amidst carnival rides, racing pigs and clowns when I was overcome with a desire to start blogging.

The gastronomic pleasures of the Northern California venue were proffered to me at each stop: deep fried Fruity Pebbles, turkey legs and banana split funnel cakes with way-too-much whipped cream. But all I could think about was my previous night’s meal at Acquerello, a fine dining, Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco. The juxtaposition of foie gras and fried red velvet cake needed to be documented, now.

Telling the story of my gastronomic adventures in first person at venues around the world led me to blogging at iSanté
Take a ride through my world of food, drink and travel.

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