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“Expect the Unexpected in Scottsdale”
Gastronomique en Vogue Aug. 2016   



A Mliestii Mici entrance display barrel pouring into glasses.  Moldova Wine Country:
142 Great Reasons to Visit a Country Few have Even Heard Of



“Nebbiolo Vintners:
Crafting the Famous Red Wines of Piedmont,”

National Culinary Review Nov. 2016 

Lodi-Wine Region Renaissance Feb 2016 NCR-1 Lodi-Wine Region Renaissance Feb 2016 NCR-1
National Culinary Review, Feb. 2016
Paso Robles Grow Wild Spring Wine, Food and Activity Tour in Paso Robles   Huffington Post, March, 2015
 Cannella Spirits at the bar close up Credit-Joe Cannella The Cinnamon Rush: Spirits Get Hot, Hot, Hot   Drink Me magazine, April, 2015
 Beaujolais - Morgan flower bottle Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau with Thomas Keller and Georges Duboeuf
iSanté magazine, Nov. 2014
 Stags Leap Wine Cellars Fay Outlook - Visitor Center from the FAY vineyard 1 “Leap of Faith: Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars opens New Tasting Room and Visitor’s Center”
The Tasting Panel magazine, Dec. 2014
 49er's Owner - Dr York  7 Questions for Dr. York Wine Enthusiast, Feb. 2014
A sit down with Dr. John York, co-owner SF 49er’s, about his wine collection. How he turns his players on to Barolo.
Peter Bar Man “Meals in Asia”
iSanté magazine,
June, 2014
Deborah Grossman Writes! | Berkeley Wine April 2013 Berkeley Wine Festival: Tastings on Your Doorstep Berkeleyside, April, 2013
German Riesling Riesling, diverse and misunderstood
National Culinary Review, Feb. 2014At the Bar reisling NCR 2-2-14, Feb. 2014
Cooking Classes Feb 2013 Reality Check: Why Cooking Classes Still Matter  iSanté Magazine, February, 2013
Napa Valley Mardi Gras Mardi Gras Like a Venetian: Can Napa Valley Get Its Mardi Gras On?
   Napa Valley Life, January, 2012
Winning Whites | National Culnary Review Oct. 2012 Winning Whites: Food-friendly white varietals poised to become customer favorites
National Culinary Review, October, 2012
Moscato Wine Enthusiast Moscato Goes Mainstream Wine Enthusiast, November, 2011
Paso Robles | Decanter Sept 2010 Paso Robles: The Big Easy Decanter Magazine, September, 2010
Age of the Global Wine Baron | Wine Enthusiast May 2009 The Age of the Global Wine Baron Cover story in Wine Enthusiast, May, 2009
Winning the Wine Game - Sports Figures | Wine Enthusiast Feb 2009 Winning the Wine Game: Sports Figures Make Premium Wine
Wine Enthusiast, February, 2009
Bugging Out | San Francisco Chronicle April 18, 2008 Bugging out: Beyond pesticides – vintners who see insects as vineyard helpers
The San Francisco Chronicle, April 18, 2008
Sheep | San Francisco Chronicle April 18, 2008 Sidebar: Vineyards thrive after sheep’s handiwork
The San Francisco Chronicle, April 18, 2008
Green | San Francisco Chronicle Aug 27, 2008 Winemakers cultivate earth-friendly practices, from ground to glass
The San Francisco Chronicle, August 27, 2008
Female Vintners | San Francisco Chronicle Sept 13, 2007 Blazing trails among the vines, about women vineyard managers
The San Francisco Chronicle, September 13, 2007
Coppola's Two Wineries | Napa/Sonoma 2006-7 The Godfather of Wine: Francis Ford Coppola’s Two Wineries
Napa/Sonoma, Fall 2006 – Winter 2007