Shakewell, dining abroad in Oakland

Shakewell bombas

It’s cheaper than a flight to Athens. The cocktails are more creative than Madrid’s. Why not visit Shakewell in Oakland for some bombas and an Adonis aperitif? That Adonis cocktail represents the restaurant’s daring to do the unexpected. Here’s a drink with intrigue, sweet and bitter notes: amontillado sherry, sweet vermouth, orange bitters and lemon peel. Get ready to pair the drink or a glass of Rioja with a seafood bomba. A bomba surprise, too? […] Read more »

My Unexpected Love Affair with Blogging

That capricious Muse of Creativity shows up at the darndest times. I was riding around the Alameda County Fair in a golf cart amidst carnival rides, racing pigs and clowns when I was overcome with a desire to start blogging. The gastronomic pleasures of the Northern California venue were proffered to me at each stop: deep fried Fruity Pebbles, turkey legs and banana split funnel cakes with way-too-much whipped cream. But all I could think […] Read more »